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E - 27 of the Pool Nation Podcast we talk Sales Techniques and the importance of your sales process.

In Episode 27 of the Pool Nation Podcast, we talk about the sales process, and how important it is to master your sales process for your business. We share our experiences with the sales process of our businesses, and the things we put in place to improve that sales process. We talk about the learning curve and how important it is that you become great at sales. The better you are the more money you will make.

E - 26 of the Pool Nation Podcast Bob Lowry talks Pool Startups and answer all of your questions.

In Episode 26 of the Pool Nation Podcast, we talk to Bob Lowry on his monthly visit to the podcast. We talk about Pool Startups. We also talk about how long you should run the pump when doing a startup, what chemicals you can and can’t add during the startup process and what chemicals you should never mix.

We also answer some questions that were sent in. We cover how Bicarb works  in a pool, why Acid Demand is so high on Quartz startups vs other finishes, and continued calcium buildup.

E -25 Pool Nation Podcast Increasing your Pool Business Revenue with added Services

In Episode 25 of the Pool Nation Podcast, we talk about increasing your business revenue by adding services or fees. We talk about providing a superior level of service and how important it is for every business to look for opportunities to add extra services in order to be able to increase yearly revenue and profits.

E- 24 Pool Nation Podcast we talk to Ken & Sara father and daughter duo. Ken is the creator, inventor, owner of the Ultimate Pool Tools & the Hyper Pool.

In Episode 24 of the Pool Nation Podcast we talk to Ken and Sara Howard a father daughter duo in the swimming pool industry, and creators of the Ultimate Pole-Hyper Pole. We talk about their journey in the pool industry. We talk to Sara about how she grew up in the industry, and how she took over the family business. We also talk to Ken about his Journey in the industry and how they came up with the idea to create the Ultimate Pole, and their constant drive to perfection to create the Ultimate Pole-Hyper Pole. 

E-23 Of the Pool Nation Podcast - Want your Pool Business to be Profitable?

In Episode 23 of the Pool Nation Podcast, we talk about how to make sure you are making a Profit in the Pool Service Industry. We break it down so it’s easy to understand, and so you can apply it to your business to ensure you are quoting high enough rates to make money and the profit that you want. We talk about using 1 simple metrics like cost of service, average cost, and how simple a profit and loss statement is.

E-22 Pool Nation Podcast we have our Monthly Podcast with Bob Lowry to talk Pool Water Chemistry

In Episode 22 of the Pool Nation Podcast we talk to Bob Lowry founder of the Pool Chemistry Training Institute. In this episode we answer pool water chemistry question from pool guys and pool girls that are sent to us to Bob can answer them. Bob is a legend in the pool industry. He has written 21 books on pool water chemistry and even the manuals that IPSSA uses were written by Bob himself.

E-21 Of the Pool Nation Podcast We Talk to Kelli Carillo from Legacy Pool & Spa and founder of Pool Girl Trainings

E-21 of the Pool Nation podcast we talk to Kelli Carillo a fellow Pool Girl and owner of Legacy Pools & Spa, and founder of the Pool Girl Training. She is a second generation Pool Girl, and owns her own pool service company where she does service, repairs and installs. She is also one of the founders of Pool Girl Trainings. She shares her story on how they created and founded the Pool Girl Trainings to provide a safe environment for fellow pool girls to learn and to be able to give them their own platform to share and build on their experiences. 

E-20 Pool Nation Podcast -Setting Up Your Business. Business Credit, Personal Credit & Protecting from Personal Liability

E-20 of the Pool Nation podcast we talk about the business side of your company. We talk about setting up your business. We talk about business credit vs personal credit and why you should set your company up the right way. How business credit is different than personal credit and how to separate them to protect yourself from personal liability. We talk about business credit, lines of credit, and business loans. We also talk about what affects your business credit and what increases or decreases your business credit scores, and the difference between them.

E-19 Pool Nation Podcast - 8+ Reasons why the Pool Industry is such a Great Industry

In Episode 19 of the Pool Nation Podcast we talk about the 8 + reasons why the pool industry is such a good industry. We talk about Income Potential, Profits, Start Up Cost, Ease of Learning the Industry, we also talk about Guaranteed Income, Cash Flow, Business Growth Potential, and how Recession Proof the industry is. We compare the industry to other industries using these key factors to show how solid the Swimming Pool Service and Repair industry is.

E-18 Pool Nation Podcast we talk water chemistry with Bob Lowry founder of the Pool Chemistry Training Institute

E18 - of the Pool Nation Podcast we talk to Bob Lowry in his monthly visit to the Pool Nation Podcast to talk about swimming pool water chemistry and answer pool guys questions. We talk about how to treat black algae, we discuss Galvanic Corrosion, we talk to Bob about what causes foaming in swimming pools, and an in-depth conversation about UV, Ozone & AOP. We discuss the importance of keeping a residual amount of chlorine in the water to protect bather to bather transmission of diseases.

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