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Pool Nation Business Training

February 4, 2021

Pool Nation will conduct a 4–5-hour business training designed specifically for pool pros. The training will include exposure to our exclusive software, specifically built for this training. Participants will learn how to create and fully understand a P&L and to how to apply it to their business needs. 


As participants go through the training, each will have the opportunity to enter their own data into the program.  Two metrics will be created which will provide visibility to your individual pool service costs. The first metric will demonstrate Fixed Costs of Cleaning a Pool, and the second one will be your Average Cost of Service. You will learn what each metric represents and how to use it to maximize your profits.


By the end of the Training you will have a full understanding of Fixed Cost of Cleaning a pool, your Average Cost of Service and you will know and understand your Profit & Loss statement. You will also learn your Profit Percentage, Profit dollars, specifically how much you get to keep for every dollar that comes into your business. Our tool will allow you to assess your business and set goals and targets to improve your profits. 


Exclusive for participants scheduled for our session on March 6th, we will provide a 30-minute private video call with A Pool Nation Pro after the training. Once you enter your March data into the system, we will conduct a P&L review to answer any questions, and help you analyze your business metrics and profit.


During training we will cover the following:

  • Business Types - Sole Proprietor, LLC and S-Corp
  • Pool Nation Metrics you should use to ensure that your quoting appropriate rates
  • Billing Software - We will talk about the must haves in your software, how to ensure that your software is doing most of the work, and best set ups to ensure that you have a good cash flow
  • We will cover different terms in accounting in preparation of a full P&L exercise
  • Utilizing our Software, you will create your business P&L. You will need to have the following information ready:
    • Income by segment (we will teach you that)
    • Expenses by segment (we will teach you that)
  • We will cover a Terms of Service agreement. We will provide:
    • Access to templates for a terms of service
    • Rate increase letters
    • Drop letters
    • Route Sold Letter for customers
    • Credit Card Authorization forms.

Cost: $250 USD

When: Sat APRIL 102021 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST

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